The goal of this new platform presented by the Mimesis group is to tackle the need, arising within the humanities, for a new concept of public funded research, supported by a new way of regarding competition among ideas, one where the quality evaluation of the research, innovation, and a better dissemination and exploitation of the research results play a significant role.

Facing the challenges of European competition means working towards a global growth, learning to deal with different results, to seek innovation, to understand the obscure EU official language, to share methodologies with foreign colleagues, to import and also (sometimes) export good practices. In other words, it means developing a new working philosophy based on the sharing of ideas and the measurement of their actual impact.

The new EU project planning office deals with all the new funding opportunities offered by European 2014-2020 Programs related to the topics of the Mimesis editorial series and magazines, that is, Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, Creative Europe, Europe for Citizens, EuropeAid, Rights and Citizenship, Progress and any other program related to humanities, cultural studies and philosophy.

Mimesis provides partnerships to write and manage EU projects, to launch and suggest ideas and to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of project ideas coming from university scholars and their Departments.